DR’s Secret Skincare Product Review – Does DR’s Secret Really Work?

DR Secret skincare product is made in the USA but is commonly found in Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Asian people are known to have thicker skin and therefore, normal skin care products made for Europeans are not suitable.

DR Secret is not a doctor’s product as many had perceived, but the “DR” stands for “Dermatological Revolution” which essentially means this product is the “Secret of Dermatological Revolution” The basic package consists of 5 items: Cleanser, Toner, Skinlight, Skinrecon & Sunscreen.

The product works by supplying “skin-hungry” natural nutrients like vitamin A,C & E to the dermis layer of the skin and repair the damaged skin cells so as to improve blood circulation to the skin and also allows for skin renewal.

In Asian countries where weather is hot and humid all year round, you are blessed if you have normal skin. The hot and humid weather caused and worsen acne in some people especially teenagers who are going through hormonal changes of adolescence.

Constant exposure to the hot sun has also caused many adults to have freckles and pigmentations appearing on their skin due to excessive melanin production. This is a natural reaction of the skin to protect it from being damaged by the ultra-violet rays.

Many people thought that as long as they are not directly exposed to the sun, they are safe. However, many studies shows that even lightings in offices are also a major source of ultra-violet rays that can damage our skin.

In the market currently, there are many branded skincare like SKII, Shiseido, Clinique which does a good job of maintaining your skin health if you don’t have much skin problem. However, if you have major problems like acne, freckles or pigmentations, then you might want to take a look at other alternatives.

This is because when your skin starts having problems e.g Acne, the sebaceous glands that are over-stimulated by androgens produces more sebum where the hair follicle will become clogged and results in Acne. You will need a good product to control the oil production so that your skin is not too dry or too oily.

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