Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles are not a medical concern, but they can be very annoying and embarrassing. Almost everyone gets dark circles under eyes at some time or the other, and they are usually temporary. They are the second highest dermatological problem.

Dark circles are socially very embarrassing – they make a person look older, tired, stressed and even depressed.

Causes of dark circles –

A common misconception is that fatigue is usually the most common cause of dark circles.

1. Instead, the most common cause is nasal congestion. When our nose is congested, veins that usually drain from the eyes into the nose become dilated and darker.

2. Eyelid swelling during sleep is another cause of under eye circles. While lying down, gravity causes fluid to collect in the lower eyelids, creating the appearance of shadows below eyes.

3. Can result from chronic skin conditions, such as atopic eczema.

4. Dark circles can also be an inherited tendency – one of the primary causes

5. Dark circles can result due to the natural aging process.

6. Lack of sleep is another factor that is not really a cause, but makes them more apparent.

7. Other causes include factors, which damage the skin, such as too much ultraviolet A (UVA) light or smoking.

8. Pregnancy and menstruation make our skin pale. Many people associate dark circles with hormones –

but dark circles are a non-hormonal problem.

9. Allergies cause dark circles as histamine reactions cause dark smudges to appear under the eyes

10. Lack of vitamins can cause dark circles under the eyes.

Treatment and prevention –

Treatment for severe under eye circles is directed at the underlying cause, if known, and may include bleaching agents and laser therapy.

However, the best way to prevent dark circles under the eyes is to eat right, drink plenty of water and sleep well. Reduce stress and combat tiredness.

Various beauty products claim to have amazing remedial services on tired eyes. Over-the-counter cosmetics may help diminish dark circles under eyes. Try out skin creams that contain vitamin C or K, alpha hydroxy acid and kinetin.

However, you can cleverly camouflage the dark circles with a light-reflecting concealer – which helps because it contains titanium powder, which reflects light across the dark area. Choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation. In addition, if your circles are very dark, go 2 shades lighter.

Cosmetic surgery to remove dark circles under the eyes =

Some cosmetic techniques involve using lasers to stimulate the deep collagen layers in the skin, thus rejuvenating the skin’s surface to remove dark circles.

Laser treatment can thicken the skin by increasing collagen production, so you are less likely to see vein around the eyes.

A procedure known as blepheroplasty actually removes skin under the eyes and draws the remaining skin taut to help get rid of bags. This expensive process requires recovery time and does have some risks involved. This technique, however does not addresses the cause of dark circles under the eyes.

Some simple Home remedies get rid of Dark circles under the eyes –

Home remedies cannot remove dark circles permanently, but they provide short-term, inexpensive solutions that can help diminish the dark circles.

1) Mix a little almond powder with milk cream and massage the mixture around your eyes before going to bed. This is useful Home Remedy for Dark Circles under Eyes.

2) Slices of cucumber or potato can be used to reduce circles around the eyes. Close your eyes and cover your eyelids with a thin slice for up to twenty minutes. This soothes tired eyes and increases the circulation to the skin around the eyes.

3) One can also apply a little cucumber juice to the area. You could even grate the potato, wrap it in thin cloth and place it over the eyes. Make sure to wash the area thoroughly afterwards and apply a little cream or oil around the eyes to moisturize the area. This is another good Home Remedy for Dark Circles under Eyes

4) Detoxing the body helps in certain cases. This involves fasting for short periods of time, but continue to take in plenty of water. Cut out all the unhealthy foods that are a regular part of your diet. Give up alcohol, caffeine, sugary drinks, fatty and sugary food, smoking, etc.

5) Dab a little lemon or tomato juice in to the darkened areas two or three times a day. Be very careful not to let the juice in to your eyes. This is also useful Home Remedy for Dark Circles under Eyes.

6) Soak a couple of tea bags in clean, cold water for a few minutes, squeeze out the excess water and place them over your eyes. Keep them there for ten minutes or so.

7) Buy some Vitamin E supplements in capsule form. Carefully break open the capsule and squeeze the gel on to your finger. Gently and carefully, rub the gel around your eyes.

8) Squeeze the juice from a cucumber and cool it in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Add a little lemon juice and lanolin cream. Apply around the eyes for up to twenty minutes. Wash off carefully. This is useful to get rid of Dark Circles.

Source by Dr James Sameul

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