Reducing the Cost and Time of Legal Processes

The mention of the term litigation immediately conjures images of bulk documents that need to be properly organised. In fact, management of litigation documents often involves huge expenses. Therefore, lawyers need to wrap up the documentation work in less time and keep a track of the people who are assigned different projects. The implementation of such a process needs careful planning. There are a number of software packages available in the market that attempt to make the process much easier for the law firms. The expenses are thus considerably reduced and the thus firms end up making profits in the long run.

In the past, legal case management software had been more or less focused on the lifespan of a case. However, there are several packages available these days that are more sophisticated and thus include different stages of the process. Pre-trial discovery is one of the important areas of consideration. This concerns the process of securing information that can be used up as evidence or as data to back the claims made by one of the contesting parties in a legal battle. It is one of the most expensive aspects of commercial litigation.

The retrieval of hard copies of every case record is not only time consuming but may also shoot up the expenses dramatically. However, the process of pre-trial discovery is gradually been transformed into an electronic procedure, thereby significantly reducing the expenses involved. Practice coordinators often extract the required information and then process it, thus making it readily available to the legal team. It is important to understand that each client is different and therefore the way the information is provided by him or her is different. In fact, this is one of the crucial aspects of effective legal case management. Ideal law firm software should be such that it acts as an effective interface and an affordable one.

Once the information is available in an electronic format, it becomes easier for the lawyers to search for the documentation at any point of time. The development of such software is especially intended towards minimising the time that lawyers spend on searching and retrieval of documents.

The conversion of hard copies into soft copies may turn out to be an overwhelming task, especially for a small-scale law firm. Several law firms, ones that do not fall in the top-tier, lack the necessary IT resources and thus have no other option but to outsource the project. A database is created with the existing records, it is brought in-house and then the employees provided with web access to it.

Case management software is also equally focussed on ensuring proper billing methods. The target is to reduce the costs substantially. This has been triggered by the fact that most of the firms have extremely price sensitive clients. Some lawyers believe that taking the help of legal case management software takes it away from their skill set. However, in reality, it actually works favourably for them as it automates an entire mundane procedure. Therefore, it leaves them adequate time to focus on other relevant issues.

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