Stop Foreclosure – A Little Known Source of Free Legal Aid to Help Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Many people facing foreclosure feel that they have to do everything on their own to try to save their home. They are unaware that there are many different organizations and services available to help them.


One commonly overlooked source of help is a legal aid clinic at the Law School of a University. Many Law Schools have established legal aid clinics. At these clinics second and third year law students provide free legal services to individuals and organizations. Faculty members on the staffs of the Law Schools train and supervise them in the work they do. The students earn credit for their work and the services they provide.


Many of these clinics offer help in resolving consumer issues. Foreclosure and helping those who are facing foreclosure normally are classified as consumer issues. Typically a person facing foreclosure can get help at one of these legal aid clinics.


Normally only low income people are eligible for services. However, the definition of low income varies from one area of the country to the next. 


If you are facing foreclosure and if there is a Law school at a University in your area, check with them to find out if they have a legal aid clinic. If they do, find out if they help people facing foreclosure. Then ask them who qualifies for the services they provide.


You may find that you qualify for help from one of their second or third year law students.   Normally these students are very passionate about the work they do. You probably will find that they will work harder on your case than most others would.


Remember – they are being supervised by a faculty member. So you don’t have to worry about whether they will handle your case properly.

Source by Mark Elkins

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